Theories about life

April 11, 2012 1:00pm CST
Everyone should know that open-mindness is the best way to go, therefore one should not limit his imagination by discluding parts of it by calling them childish. There are people who say: "look on the reality, quit imagining things!" , but then I remember the thing that was said in the movie Matrix "If real is what yopu can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." /Morpheus/ , also another thing that comes in my mind are all those successful people. There is a God (Every intellectual cannot deny that possibility) and God created us, but I believe, that God lives outside of this physics based universe or, at least, at the same time within it. Well, God had to have an imagination then, but probably not in the primitive form as we humans have it. My idea is, that everything that we imagine starts to exist, he isn't outside the reality, that our imaginated thing exists in our created little worlds within us, of course, in primitive way, cause we cannot imagine complicated minds and/or objects at mollecular level, but we can bring out these things in technologies, science and inovations. Thanks to imagination, we have everything that we have now, so all in all, that is thanks to God, because this imagination we have might be a tiny bit of what kind of imagination(or mind) God could have. Well, those are only ideas - it's not like we, as humans, can know universal truths just like that.
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
11 Apr 12
The thing about life that I see is everything that we don't see is far more surreal than what we do in fact see. That is just plain and simple, the absolute bottom line. There are just many things out there, that are beyond all comprehension from the human mind. And obviously, you never know what might exactly be true. One cannot prove it as much as another cannot disprove it. I think that there are still some mysterious in life that we have yet to scratch the surface with. And in reality, when you ponder that point, the most absurd theories might be true. Perhaps there is not much out there that does make sense from the point of cold hard logic and facts. There are missing pieces, where there is no clear explanation.
11 Apr 12
Nicely said. :)
• India
25 Jul 12
He is a great God to have created the universe with u in it, and gave us life and all other animals living in it. What I don’t understand where God is, what form he is, where is his dwelling place. The only thing we can do is sit down and thank the Almighty for the beautiful universe he gave us.