APRIL 12 last filling of Civil Service Examination

April 11, 2012 10:33pm CST
waking up early this morning thinking up to be the first in line to file my Civil eligibility, actually i expecting lot of people there at Hall because this is the last day of filing according by the CSC.. the early i go there the early filing i cud made,, but wheeeww,,when i stepped to their office,,surprisingly overcrowded!! i'v got two hours of waiting this morning just to file for my examination,, so worst from bad to slow the file processing of this country,, We want change!!!
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• India
27 Jul 12
It still beats me why most governments insist on archaic ways of doing things. Most governments have not embraced the computer technology and thus the slow processes even in the simplest tasks. Governments need to move with change to improve on their efficiency so that we do not have to spend long hours at the governments offices for services that would take a few minutes elsewhere.
• Philippines
11 Oct 12
yeah,, your right , so then the people who mostly suffered which in fact they deserved for better... this coming Oct 21, civil service examination again will be held, seem waste of time, where as previous passer not totally accepted in government sector,
18 Apr 12
ur right,i went there also in their main to file. Lots of people and so slow process. Anyway what type of exam will u take?
• Philippines
19 Apr 12
just a sub prof at first,,,
• Philippines
13 Apr 12
That's the reality of life. When it comes to technology, Philippines is still left behind. We must accept that fact. We can't compare our country to others. They are centralized and we're not. Good Luck in your exam. I've heard that it is not easy to pass the Civil Service Exam.
• Philippines
14 Apr 12
your right,,thinking its really hard to pass that exam,,,and that commensurate with a hard blow minded review,,,,