Cutting a trip .......

@ardoy0731 (6865)
April 12, 2012 7:59am CST
Good eve to everyone. I came home early tonight due to an event that I have attended today.The event was in place where out of way from home and there is no direct fx or public utility vehicle travel to our place home. So what I have to do was to cut a trip/travel.I do rode a public fx with a travel sign board Angono the took a public jeep all the way to our home. Cutting a trip or travel is quite a hassle and sometimes irritating especially when most of the public vehicles passing the road where all fully loaded.I still prepare to take a ride in the terminal where I am sure that I will be seated properly and comfortably.But I still cut trip or travel if the situation need it. How bout you folks,do cut trip or travel?
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@alberello (4755)
• Italy
27 Jul 12
Well, to be honest, in my life, I never traveled much. But listening to what you wrote in your question, it would seem that your trip cut, it is revealed at the end of a hassle. Should this happen the same thing to me, obviously I would not be happy. When I have the destination of a trip, I would enjoy it until the last day. The fact of having to cut in advance, well, better not even think about it! I'm sorry for you and your "mishap"
• India
27 Jul 12
Public transportation which majority of the world’s population depends on can be quite unreliable. With a well organized public transport system, personal cars would only be used when one needs to go where there is no public transportation but unfortunately this is not the case. I have had to cut so many trips because I couldn’t access public transportation. This makes personal cars not a luxury but a necessity.