I love her but she doesn't know!

United States
April 12, 2012 2:18pm CST
I'm in love with this girl for about 5 years now.We started as friends and we are still a best of friends until now.We seldom talked but I never miss a day sending her message. I watch over her moves and all things about her since i've met her.Its happiness for me to know that she is fine and look after her smiling face gives me courage to face another day. I can't reveal my feelings to her because i'm afraid she might run away from me and besides she just treat me as friend. I'm a single dad and I'm sure she will not be able to entertain my feelings to her. I don't know if I should tell her how I feel or just remain friends and not to harm our relationship as friends. What do you think I can do about this? She is a very nice girl and I don't wanna lose her.
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• Philippines
9 May 12
To be honest, it's really a tough situation in which you would need to weigh everything. I used to have this guy friend who fell in love with me. Although the thing was, everything was purely platonic for me. I never saw such spark that would lead me to fall for him. I had to try my best to keep the friendship intact because I did not want to hurt him. I knew it was very hard for him to say it and I acknowledged that fact so that I would find the strength not to put space in between us. At the end of the day, you would need to make a choice. I don't blame you if it took you five years in counting without letting her know. However, I would suggest that you find the courage to tell her. Just keep in mind though, that you should not keep your hopes that high. In that manner, you don't hurt yourself that much just in case that you do not get a positive outcome.
• Philippines
13 Apr 12
you should try to weigh down if what is the most important for you, the relationship that you can have if ever she would accept you as a partner, or the friendship that you have right now. remember that if you are up to a romantic relationship, the friendship might be at risk because going into a committed relationship requires more understanding, loyalty and surely there will be problems that will come out on your way as a couple. are you ready for this?
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
13 Apr 12
5 years is a long time already. In my opinion, you should let her know your feeling. Actually women are so sensitive with any man's feeling toward to them. I think the girl may know also, but since you did say nothing about love when she is standstill as friend with you. If you scare that she may run away if you speak out your love with her. You can ask her what does she feel if she and you are in love, make an assuming about some situations related and ask her. Then you may know more her thinking of it. Love is a nice feeling, it is very hard for you if you still keep it and don't speak it out. I believe that 5 years being in nice friendships, it is not easy to find a good friend like you then that gal will understand and wont run away, if both don't be in love together, you guys are still friends as before, right? My best wish for you and that girl.
• India
13 Apr 12
Hello friend, I think at first you should know that is she love you? If the answer is yes then you tell her very first. But if the answer is no then at first you fell her this thing and then you tell her. I hope so it will help you. Have a nice day.
@marty3888 (2359)
• United States
12 Apr 12
I was in this exact situation. We met at college and we became very close friends. The difference is, I wasn't a single dad. I didn't expect to fall in love with her, but I did. And just like you, I didn't know what to do. Everybody was telling me I need to tell her but a good friend of mine said to me, I always thought you two go together. But if you tell her, you could ruin a great friendship. That's what I was worried about. And right after I fell in love with her, her and her boyfriend that she had been with for eight years broke up. I didn't tell her and a few months later, they got back together. So my advice is this: As hard as this may be, don't tell her.