The ipod and iphone, the most popular device in the 21st century

United States
April 12, 2012 8:01pm CST
walk around the school, college campus, or even streets and you at least see 1 earphones dangling out of someone`s ear, 8/10 chances the device that played the music, is an iphone or an ipod. You may think that the ipod or the iphone is really great, since everybody have it, but once you get to know it, it really is not. Battery runs down fast, itunes sometimes won`t sync your ipod/iphone into your computer correctly, resulting in more gigabytes in your "others" bar. If you owned an ipod or an iphone, you know what i am talking about. Also, the temptation of jailbreaking them is just too great that you have to do it, sometimes resulting in a malfunction in the device, making it won`t turn on or broken forever. Or when you have successfully jailbroken it, and wants to restore it to it`s factory settings, it gives you an error message and you won`t be able to unjailbreak it at all. Now even with these considerable amount of cons, there are also the pros, for example, being able to play games, watch movies, browse internet, message friends. etc. in a scale from 1-10, i rated the ipod touch and the iphone an 8, which is pretty good. Now that`s my opinion, what do you guys think?
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@williamjisir (22902)
• China
11 Oct 12
I have an IPOD touch 4 and the more I get to know about it, the better I like it. Its weak part is the battery, which does not last long. It has to be charged every day like those smart phones. But it does not matter as it is convenient for me to use electricity either at home or in the office.