Be success in business without capital?

April 13, 2012 3:26am CST
There are many views and advice that we can have a success business without capital. Only need health, knowledge and wills, we can be success in business. I believe it before. But know, I feel it's difficult to practice it. I want to run my own business but I don't have enough capital. So, I can't do. It's difficult to start with empty hands! I read many successful stories of millionaires. Some of them are rich from empty hands. But we can't know that stories are truth or not. How about you? Do you believe that we can be success in business without capital?
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@Leeper (80)
• South Africa
14 Apr 12
I sincerely think that this is a very good question. One that is not very easy to answer. Many businesses fail that had capital and many succeed too. The success of the business lies in the entrepreneur's ability to solve problems I feel. You will need money, but you can generate that money from zero by working for it, rather than taking a loan. Or taking in a partner, which is how my brother generated the cash for his business. I am building capital from zero by writing for online sites, tutoring and teaching. Just as examples... I think that being creative, disciplined and focused on what you need to get going is more important than having ready capital. You will need capital and getting it is a just have to figure out how you can generate it - and make no mistake about it: you can. There are days one can feel discouraged but if you are deeply motivated and disciplined there is no reason why your business will not be a success, capital or not. Just be creative and remain open to possibilities...
• Indonesia
13 Apr 12
Hi Tkonlinevn, I used to be believe the same that we can run a business without capital but then I changed my mind. But it is not that we need to be a millionaire to start a business, I know we still need some money to start a business but sometime we can use the small money we have to make a business. My sister owns a caffetaria and she sells traditional snack and beverage, she started it from zero. she did not have workers before, she used to sell it on a small food stand but now she has her own caffetaria have several workers has modern machine to produce the snacks...yes she is selling traditional foods but served in modern way. The key is how do we manage the small capital we have to make a better income. Start it by doing what you can do, dont have to be a big investment. If we stopped at the capital thing like "I need a lot of money to start this business" then we will be stucked there. My sister started her business with small capital, she was only selling 1 thing, then when people appreciated her products she expands it and keep going like that. Always create something new using the capital we have. I want to have a boutique, but to think about the capital it would make me thing "woaaa I need thousand dollars to make it" but I try to start it from zero, I buy garment and I try to sew it by myself. practice it everyday, I also make accesories etc. I believe I can have an art gallery or boutique later in the future.
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@airasheila (5458)
• Philippines
13 Apr 12
a pleasant day to you tkonlinevn, as far as i know, capital is one of the vital things needed to run and start the business. but, capital does not really refers to amount of money. hence, it might be a knowledge wherein you need to input to start the business to run, or might be a gadget needed to operate, maybe a service needed to cater, or any other else. thus, the reason they are claiming that they are empty handed is that, they do not really have the money but they have the service which they can cater to start up their business. same thing what i have experienced. that, i really do not have the real amount of money as my capital when i have started my enterprise except for the service that i can just cater to my initial clients. thus, slowly but surely moving, i was able to generate an income out from the initial service that i have provided.