Do you have a good relationship with your grannies?

April 13, 2012 4:09am CST
I grew up with a bad image of my grandparents. They engage in gambling, vices, and they fight a lot. I was never close to them, and I envy my friends who treat their grandparents like their bestfriends. With that experience, I have not developed much concern and love for old people. And, as I age, I kind of feel scared to grow old and not be loved by my grandchildren. Even if i want to, it's too late to suddenly change the relationship that i have with them. Its awkward to just change how I deal with them.
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@Extourmed (191)
• Bulgaria
13 Apr 12
Well , when I was a kid, my father, sister and I lived with my grandparents. And, I cannot remember a single good moment with my grandmother. She would always hit me and my sister with just little mistakes or she will try to find a fault from us just to have a reason for that. She also threw words to us that were not really acceptable like we are flirts like our mom and that we are won't go far in our career when we grow up. What's worse is that she is nice to my cousins like they were really close.My grandfather, however, was nice and always tells us stories about his old younger days. My only regret is that he passed away early when I was just 13 and it really pained me then.
• Philippines
13 Apr 12
That's a sad story you got there. I would say, you're experience is worse. Nothing is more painful than your own family putting you down. I do hope she has changed and you guys would have a chance to patch up before she leaves this world.
@atwilson (540)
• Indonesia
13 Apr 12
Yes, i do. It may be hard. but it is life..