Will you give a second chance to the one who cheated you???

April 13, 2012 5:24am CST
i havent had an experience about being cheated, but surely, being in that situation is terrible. for me, i wouldnt anymore give a chance to the person who cheated me. im talking here about romantic relationship. its because trust is so hard to rebuild especially if it once was broken. and i was thinking if that person cheated on me, he can still do it again right? so what do you think?
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13 Apr 12
The girl I'm in a relationship has cheated on her exs before but I trust her. We have been together for almost 9 months and not once she has cheated on me. If she cheated on me, it would depend if I still loved her enough to give a chance to rebuild what we had. So just saying that if you can still have the littlest of trust still for them and you know they've learned a lesson and regret it, (included them begging for you back) you could start all over and gives a second chance. But never give a third chance or they'll take you as an advantage.
• Philippines
13 Apr 12
yes im afraid that someone will take advantage of the second chance that i might give. thanks for the idea! and welcome to mylot!
13 Apr 12
Thank you. Been here for 2 years but MyLot thinks im a new user somehow. Only now I decided to come back and give opinions. Anyway, If theyre worth it give them another chance but if theyre not just move on and find someone who is worth it.
@ashu770 (36)
• India
14 Apr 12
i will not give a second chance to the person who cheat me.once i also got cheated but later i never trusted her.the person who cheat don't think of others...so from my side i will not trust the cheaters.
@Sindrum91 (254)
• United States
14 Apr 12
Everyone is different. So I can only speak for me. I am a very loyal person. And I expect to get what i give. I would never give anyone a 2nd chance if they cheated. I believe if they loved me they would not make that mistake. I would feel betrayed and could truly never get over it. Or fully forgive or ever forget in that particular situation. So even trying to rebuild the relationship would just not have a chance. Because of those feelings I would myself not be able to repair. Ever.