The first time you heard Disturbed?

United States
April 13, 2012 3:03pm CST
The first time I heard Disturbed I was sitting in our apartment after getting home from school and I turned on FUSE. Back then we had satellite so we got more channels than cable gives us. I go in the kitchen to get something to drink and then I just heard the beginning to Stupify! This was back when the song first came out and I was instantaneously hooked on Disturbed. I can honestly say that Disturbed was the start of me listening to Metal; I had heard a few songs from like POD and whatnot before then but I never really got into them like I did with Disturbed.
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• United States
13 Apr 12
I didn't start getting familiar with their music until 2010 before M passed away. He used to play the current tracks so I know only what was available and what there is now. My favorite album, I don't have one. My favorite song is Down With The Sickness.
• United States
14 Apr 12
I absolutely love Down with the sickness; mainly the part where he goes off and just tears into his mother. Although I am sure he wasn't talking to his real mother, not really sure about that.
• United States
30 Aug 12
My parents would constantly play music when I was a kid, fortunatly one of them was Down With The Sickness. :p
• Romania
9 May 12
the first song i heard was down with the sickness.after 1 year they became my favorite band...hope they will make a world tour soon and come to romania...the disturbed ones forever :D
• Philippines
13 Apr 12
It was the song Stupify, from the first time I heard it, I knew they will be a great band. Just like One Step closer of Linkin Park, they are destined to be great rock bands. I can't quite remember to where I was when I listened to the song Stupify but the impression it gave me never fade away, I still loved it till today.
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
13 Apr 12
First time I heard them, I was searching for some covers a long time ago and I run into "Shout 2000" and I liked it.