How many times tears came when you are laughing?

April 14, 2012 12:06am CST
If you observe many people leave tears while my case it happens atleast once in a month..If you cant remember such a incident then you haven't laughed how frequently do you get tears while laughing?
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• Philippines
17 Sep 12
Every time I laugh, there's always tears that's why I hate laughing now. I don't what happened to my eyes. I think that's because whenever I laugh, I laugh too much. Sometimes my friends would ask me if I'm crying but I'm actually not.
@oindy54 (3446)
• India
16 Aug 12
Hi, This has happened to me many times but does not happen always. I have noticed that when I am experiencing tremendous happiness and can't stop laughing, tears would well up in my eyes. I have seen this with others too. I think it is linked to the amount or degree of the emotion we are experiencing that brings out those tears.
• Philippines
4 Aug 12
I always get tears whenever I'm laughing. Some people think I'm crying but I just laughed so hard. I don't know why I get tears whenever I'm laughing.
• India
18 May 12
I have a lot of cousins who make me laugh a lot. I love spent time with them and i used to laugh which made me to come tears from my eyes. Mostly I have them when I spent time with them.
• Philippines
24 Apr 12
i laugh all the time because i am a happy person. but there are times that i find stuffs very funny, i laugh my heart out and tears will be flowing like i was crying. laughing is also good for our health by the way.
@amyaeric (80)
• United States
14 Apr 12
This happens regularly around my household, my mother and I get together and we just have a blast, we get along very well and carry great sense of humor and we feed off one another very well. Some people when they are around us can't understand how a mother and daughter could be like that but my mom has the same kind of relationship with my other 2 siblings. Get us all together in the same place and tears are a given while laughing!