I love chat!

April 14, 2012 2:56am CST
I really love chatting everytime i see my crush online, hehehe maybe its weird but i needed his smiled because it makes my day better!.
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@indahfth (11172)
• Indonesia
14 Apr 12
Before I knew and became a member of MyLot. I really like to chat. but, after knowing MyLot, and a member of MyLot, I do not like to chat. I find it more fun, be in MyLot. More useful to me. Besides earning i can get, I can also get friends, and also a solution, of the problems I'm facing,
• Ecuador
16 Apr 12
I hope you like the myLot as much as you like to chat. Enjoy myLot, is much better than chatting. Well that's my opinion.
• Ecuador
16 Apr 12
I'm sorry. My intention was responding to the topic. Not commenting on your post. It seems there is no delete button.
@indahfth (11172)
• Indonesia
17 Apr 12
It's okay, things like this, it is very common.
@Ladybugs (404)
• Philippines
8 Jun 12
Hello there. I also loved chatting before. Maybe that was one year ago. I also liked looking at the names of the people who are online. I kept on looking at someone's name if he was online or not. When he was online, I also appeared online and wait for him to start a conversation. Even a simple hello could already make me happy. Of course, that was from someone I admire. What more if the conversation was already getting longer. As if we were getting to know each other. I only chatted sending IMs. Maybe using video calls would make me feel nervous so as much as possible, I didn't use that. When it was time to say good bye or say good night, I was really very happy. Like I wanted to converse more, but it was already time to sleep. Everytime I got the chance to converse with someone I admire, of course, I was really happy. Even when I was already asleep, I knew I was still smiling. That was the effect of chatting to me before. Now, I don't usually chat anymore. I think, I was already over that phase of my life. I only send some private messages for my friends to reply anytime of the day. Maybe next time, I would be interested in chatting again. Maybe If I would not be very busy anymore. I think I'm already getting slow in responding to my friends' messages too. Maybe they could understand that because I don't usually have time to go online nowadays.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
6 Jun 12
Hi nicecut18, I really enjoy chatting with people having common interests. I spend more leisure time chatting with offline friends. Yeah, beside myLot I chat with people sometimes in fb groups like family and close friends. Harmonious and happy chatting in interesting topics would put us in great pleasure. And never realize that time would pass tremendously fast unconsciously Happy posting