How can I start making money?

April 14, 2012 12:05pm CST
Hello, I am new to MyLot and I want to know how soon will I be able to win money? How many posts do I need to make to start getting money?
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@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
14 Apr 12
Win money ....??? Mylot is discussion site, not game site We can earn money here by opening or responds discussion, perform task and using Mylot search bar (reward). There's no limit we can post but make sure that we made post quality.
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@superbadx (484)
• Malaysia
14 Apr 12
As the first reply says is that here we don't "win" the money. Your earnings here are calculate with your total activities on this site every 24 hours of myLot time at the bottom of the page. You total activities mean of what you actually do on myLot while you are here, like using the search function, posting new discussion, replying to a discussion, and etc.. Most people here earns by replying and opening new discussion. I would just like to remind you that myLot really do care about the quality of your post, so make every post count and don't just think about making high post counts, because high post counts won't make you earn more here. And before i forget, welcome to myLot and enjoy your stay here.
• Portugal
14 Apr 12
Thanks guys
@mysdianait (64450)
• Italy
14 Apr 12
Neowyld only the Lotter who posted this response will see your comment and only then if he has his notifiers set to 'on' here: If you thought that each response was helpful then go and add a comment in each box but don't just say 'thank you'because that doesn't further the topic and will not earn for you.
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
15 Apr 12
Welcome Neowyld. Just be active and give as better quality answers as you can get and this could "win" you some money :) Maybe you can try doing some tasks too.
@Hazelme (649)
• United States
14 Apr 12
Welcome to myLot, i was once a newbie like you but now i'm earning pretty decent money. Quantity and Quality matter here in myLot, But quality is more valuable than quantity. It's quality that counts, your responses to a discussion, or the quality of the discussion. Don't just focus on how many posts you have to start by earning money, focus on how detailed and good is your response. In my opinion i think myLot is a place so you can make new friends from different arts of the world since myLot connects everyone here, right here in myLot you earn a reputation once you get to 100 responses you get a star and that star gives you a number 1-10 how strong is your reputation. myLot can also help you see discussions and open discussions about sites that myLottters use to earn money. myLot is really fun and try focusing on participating and you'll see your extra money will go up. Don't give up, :)
@suraj7nov (1737)
• India
14 Apr 12
if you are a newbie,only advice from me is enjoy here
@DiaJ88 (170)
• Singapore
14 Apr 12
Hi Neowyld. First I'd like to welcome you to myLot. Earning money here is relatively easy actually. All you need to do is engage in conversations. Be mindful what you post, the more informative, detailed and helpful it is to others, the more you earn. Simply just respond to discussions, or make a new discussion and reply to comments. You will get to see how much you earn for the day, on the very next day. It might not be a lot but a good way to earn an extra income. All the best to you and welcome!
@mysdianait (64450)
• Italy
14 Apr 12
We don't 'win' money here. We earn it with quality participation, responding and commenting in discussions started by others and starting our own and furthering the topic with comments to those who respond. Did you read the link that was in the email that you received from myLot when you joined? All of the information was there, including the fact that earnings update once every 24 hours. Welcome aboard and in case you have lost that linkit is here: