Would you prefered a digcam with a built-in Li-on batteries or without?

Pasay, Philippines
April 14, 2012 11:33pm CST
I'm about to built a new digicam. I'm about to but a digicam that cost less because it requires 2 AA dry cell/ batteries. But before i have this Digicam that has a built-in Li-On (Lithium Ion) batteries but the moment the charger broke on me; I can't find a replacement easily (and sad to say; the digicam was useless after that; it broke without getting another charger on it) What can you suggest guys? Do I need to buy the ones which requires batteries or the one which has a built-in rechargable ones?
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@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
5 Jun 12
I like the ones with the Li-On batteries. You just need to take care of your stuff to make sure they don't break or get lost. I've had a camera before that requires AA batteries and the batteries wear out fast even if they are rechargeable. You gotta have a lot of dry cells to last a long day. So for me, dry celled battery cams are a no-no.
@meozard22 (872)
• Philippines
15 Apr 12
for me it is better to buy a digicam without a built in batteries because as you have mentioned, it will be useless if the built in battery has already drained after years of use and cycle of charging. It is much easier to find an AA or AAA battery than to fix the built battery of your digicam, much cheaper also. You can also buy a rechargeable AA or AAA battery so no hassle