Dair or Chair?

April 15, 2012 12:33pm CST
I know I've been late from all this dair vs. chair cat fights but I've been wondering what myLotters are? Are you Dair or Chair? NO CAT FIGHTS here please..just wanna have an honest opinion from you, readers. I know that we myLotters are logical beings who voice out their opinions and respect each other. Tell me why you like your ship also. Besides, We are avid fans and as a fan we appreciate the producers/writers decisions. If everything has to go on our way then where would the excitement be? right? So my ship is Dair. =) I have started the GG ep since day 1 and I have been rooting from Dair since. I agree, in terms, of physical magnetism - CHAIR wins but comes personality-wise, maturity, a relationship that survives in the real world? I go for DAIR. I just don't like how abusive CHAIR relationship can be and believe me, it's consuming like poison, in short, not healthy; not good. DAIR, to some viewers, perceive them as boring, to me? It's reality. A relationship that lasts and matures. Not destructive and also lasting. This is my opinion, hope you respect it and deuces y'all.
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@admozz (11)
22 Apr 12
Dair all the way! I think it's different, new and exciting, compared to Chair which has been going on for years and I'm pretty tired of that.
@qq2906 (33)
• China
2 Aug 12
yeah,i agree with you.i love dair.