Please recommend a good pocket wifi brand

April 15, 2012 1:14pm CST
My cousin will be studying at UP Diliman this coming school year and she'll be living somewhere in Teacher's Village I think. I know UPD provides university-accessible wifi connection but I'm also pretty sure there are restrictions. I think bandwidth heavy sights (like youtube) can only be accessed during certain times and there are websites that are blocked. If you've got any experience, can you recommend what works best in that area? Is it SmartBro, Globe Tattoo, Sun, something else? She has internet access at home so she'll basically just be needing the pocket wifi at school and surrounding areas like KNL, Teacher's Village, maybe TechnoHub. Which is the fastest (relatively) and most stable wifi connection in the area around UP Diliman? Can you share your experiences so she'll have a better idea on what to buy?
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