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April 16, 2012 4:24am CST
Our health issues persist. Without any medicines the fasting blood sugar level of hubby remains at 84-90, and one and half hours after food it is 118-120 mg/Dl. So doctors advised to stop insulin injections for him; they advised some tablets instead and later advised to stop that too; but the burning sensation , numbness and pain in soles of feet persists; he is advised to take one tablet of ZEN RETARD 200 mg at bedtime; it causes mild dizziness; hope it will work. My fasting blood sugar level is at 150-155; I was taking GLYNESE MF tablets, I am advised to take TRIPLIMIPLEX 2 mg tablets, one before breakfast and one before supper. I can’t stop eating rice in noon time, but at night I take ‘roti’/’chapati’ made from wheat flour. [b]I wanted to tell you this, any advice from your side to stop the burning sensation, numbness and pain in soles of feet. Please comment and share your valued opinion. Sorry, I am no more regular here because of my and hubby Professor’s health issues. Please bear with me, if I get time I will visit mylot.[/b] Kalyani 16/04/2012.
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19 Apr 12
I am glad that professor's blood sugars are great. I would get your feet checked out because you may be developing a problem called Charot's Foot (the breaking of the bones in the foot). My husband has Charot's Foot and even though we had stablized his foot for now (he will be getting a Crowbar Boot) it still needs to be monitored. My husband's blood sugars are between 118-120 fasting and after he eats it is between 105-140. Just keep following the diet and you see an decrease in your sugars. Randy's A1C was 10.6 in December and the last test which was in March was 6.4. The doctor wants it down to 6.0, but is proud.
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16 Apr 12
A homoeopathic medicine - Hypericum is prescribed for neuropathy which is caused by diabetes. Here is a link that gives details - http://www.ehow.com/way_5677976_homeopathic-remedy-neuropathic-pain.html
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16 Apr 12
I am glad Professor is doing well with his diabetes. The numbness could that be a circulation or nuropathy problem? Is the numbness constant or comes and goes? I know after having my second child that if I sit too long in one spot or have my arms certain positions for too long they start to fall asleep/numb... a good shake and wiggle and all is well again. And I have to keep myself very hydrated or I find it happens more frequently if I am not. I had been told to wear braces at night on my wrists or to have surgery. I'm not a fan of either idea, though as long as I stay very hydrated and do not stay in the same position for more than say 30 min I am ok. I hope your new meds will work out well for you to keep your sugars in check Kalyni.