My sister finally travelled alone!

April 16, 2012 5:14am CST
My sister was very excited to tell me that she went to a nice province in the Philippines with an awesome beach and a long underground river, and stayed there for four days. She was in a group package tour not knowing anyone. She was so tired coming from work in Europe and didn't tell any of her friends nor our family members that she was going somewhere else alone. Her boyfriend whom she was waiting to come and see her has not arrived yet. He also works outside of my country. But it was still a small world she says coz she saw someone she knew, a doctor from our town with her family, while shopping in a pearl store, who also happened to be staying in the same hotel where she was billeted. I was awakened by my phone this morning with her very happy voice. I am very proud that I have infected her with my stories of traveling alone. I was always away from home since my childhood days and kept missing my parents. The only way to distract me from that longing was going out alone in the mountains and would stay there for hours sliding on their slopes with the dried pine needles thickly collected on the ground. I would escape from my grandparents strict upbringing, joining my friends to the waterfalls and in the caves with high cliffs and a cold running water at the bottom echoing in the very dark surrounding. We were repeatedly told of stories of fatal accidents of tourists and locals alike going in there without any assistance by experienced guides. I was living in a small town but with lots of places to go to. They are dangerous places, yes, because of the rugged terrains but a kid just won't care. For me, it was a wide playground. At 12, I was sent to study in an exclusive school even farther from my parents and relatives. I was living with students who were away from home too and we would keep going to the "forbidden places" as we would call them. The school was on top of the mountain as well. During the weekends I would stay in a foster home in the big city but I never felt at home thus I would roam around alone in the city until it got dark. Where I am now is the second country I have worked in outside of my country. Traveling is for me a very effective therapy. When I get so stressed, I long for new places to see. When I get lonely I would entertain myself in parks and walk to the corners of the city that always offer real surprises. I was also raised in a very hardworking family and traveling was considered a luxury when I was growing up. Until now I see my aunt and uncle who still just keep working when they should be enjoying the fruits of their labor by now by going to places they have never been to. Good thing, I realized early on how important traveling meant for me that's why whenever I had money, I often drag my x-girlfriend to go out with me from the city. I don't receive a fat pay check in the kind of job that I do but traveling a lot is a part of it, so what more can I ask for. Before I deviate from the topic, I just want to congratulate my dear sister for this brave act. This is only the beginning. I look forward to more stories of her travels. "Go around and visit places we just dreamed of going to when we were still just little children in a little mountainous town".
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• Philippines
17 Apr 12
By the sound of it, your sister probably toured one of the best destinations in the Philippines today, and that would be Palawan, where its underground river was one of the declared winners of the new seven wonders of nature. I am glad your sister mustered the courage to travel alone, that would certainly be a feather on her cap and part of her travel accomplishments. Congratulations.
@maximax8 (28842)
• United Kingdom
16 Apr 12
I am so delighted to hear that your sister has been able to travel alone. Well done to her and I hope that is the first of more wonderful travels to lots of lovely places. Yes, in childhood many people have dreams of traveling yet they don't achieve this when they are older. My sister is now married and has four children. She did do some traveling when she was young and single. She visited Venice with her work colleagues for the amazing carnival. It was so wonderful when she came with me on a trip to Belgium. She came with me to California in America. I continued on the next leg of my around the world trip and she went back to England. I have happy memories of past travels with my sister.
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
16 Apr 12
Oh what a wonderful story of your childhood. When I was growing up I didn't do much travelling either and I've still not gone far from home, and never for too long. Growing up we would go to the mountains atleast once a year or so, I remember so many times going up to the mountains with my grandparents or just with my grandfather and enjoying hearing the stories of them growing up there. I've been to the beach and I have been to one other State. I don't travel all that much but I do wish to travel some. I am glad your sister went out on her own for once and enjoyed herself, I know I would not want to travel alone so far away from home.