Is there anyone who has been very sucessful in life and has advice

United States
April 16, 2012 5:49pm CST
I came from a family that was intelligent and wealthy, but it all crumbled when my father failed at his air and heat business. I want to succeed in my life financially, etc., but my family just is not motivating with terrible advice.
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@wongchoiyee (7400)
• Malaysia
16 Apr 12
I am sorry to hear that. Life is indeed being raped, as I comment on one of a discussion just now. Take it easy and do your best to survive. Let's pray together that GOD will help too.
• Philippines
17 Apr 12
We actually have similar situation because my father's business helped us have a very comfortable life when I was young, but it also collapsed and leave us struggling. I believe the first thing to do is to pray for the situation to get better, like what wongchoiyee suggested. Everything happens for a reason, and the best thing is to keep your faith and learn how to accept the situation with a light heart. Then try to do your best to recover still with a positive and relaxed state of mind. That's what I try to do, and even if the riches is still forcoming ( that's how I like to think about it ), I still enjoy my present moment to a large extent.
@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
18 Apr 12
Having experienced the business' failure and now that your struggling financially, it may take time for them to recover and for sure they don't want to take further risks. But, you have the reason and the desire to stand up from this misfortune. Use that drive to move on and show your family that there is still hope. Once, they see it, Im sure they will be inspired and together you can rebuild what you once had. Its not going to be easy, but its not going to be any easier if you let yourself drown from this failure. Sacrifice for now, and reap the results in the end.