I love the winds in this summer!

April 17, 2012 7:17pm CST
Here in our place now it's windy and not hot yet but i love the air and i can feel it now. It's really cool. i love it.It's feels good in my body when it breeze the air going inside the house,
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@Micmac (9440)
18 Apr 12
This time of year is very relaxing and refreshing especially on windy days. The breeze feels cool and when I'm walking and feel the wind blowing and tossing my hair around tat is rejuvenating to the body. The wind makes the air smell fresher as it cleans away the smog and I love to be outside on windy days.
• Vietnam
18 Apr 12
My country is hot. I love windy too. I love windy in the morning sea. It very comfortable when the wind blow on my face, my boddy.
• India
18 Apr 12
I think it will be very nice to sleep or do the task in the windy time. In summer season we people have a lot of sweat and such winds helps us to carry out such sweats. I think you people are really lucky.