Product of a Broken Family

April 17, 2012 11:21pm CST
I was just three years old when my mother left us to work abroad. I am the eldest and the only girl. I have two brothers and so they were younger than I was when our mom walked away. Now, at the age of twenty-three I already have my own family with three handsome kids, I must say. I just thought that what if our mom didn't left us that time? Or she should have thought of coming back to take care of us instead of leaving us to our "yaya". Maybe I was not able to get married at a young age. Maybe our youngest brother had not bee involved in the wrong group of his friends. Having a broken family is like having a disease that could no longer be cure no matter what medicine you'd take or which clinic you would prefer to check you up. Living without a mother is very hard for me esp. that I am a girl. I had a very hard time esp.on my puberty age. Now, I just felt so lucky that I still grew up the way I should be, with or without a family because I learned a lot of good things based on my experiences. I just hope that mothers would not leave their family and children very early in their lives.