Michael Richards caught in racial tirade * apologizes*

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November 21, 2006 7:47am CST
Michael Richards, who plays Cozmo Kramer, in the TV show Seinfield. Was caught in racial tirade. Apologizes last night on David Letterman~ During a comedy act, at the Comedy Club. Michael Richards went irrate on an audiance member. He was heckled and snapped on the heckler. It was a crazy nasty disgrace. And if you'd like to see it. Below is the link http://www.tmz.com/2006/11/20/kramers-racist-tirade-caught-on-tape/. There is no question Richards was wrong. ~ Last night Jerry Seinfield helped to get, Richards on Letterman. So he could do a public appology. Jerry Seinfield says he deserves a second chance. Richards said that he is upset with himself. He was heckled, and responded in a horrible, nasty terrible manor. It was uncalled for. He doesnt know why he did it. He just snapped. But that does not make what he did right. And he was so sorry for it. He also said he, told the audiance, that was still there that he was sorry. The comedy club said, he could come back the next night. IF he would apologize to the crowd. But he didnt. And they have now banned him from the club. *He has pretty much wiped out his career.*
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23 Nov 06
Was he wrong, perhaps... but he was being heckled, and there is not a single person alive who has not snapped and said something they wished later that they hadn't. He was in the wrong just as much as the person who came in to watch him. Being up on stage, comedy, entertainment. That's his job. Would you want someone coming into your place of work and heckling you relentlessly? No, I'm sure you wouldn't. Perhaps you wouldn't snap as much as he did, but after so long of it going on. Not only that, but he had apologized to the crowd that night, he apologized on David Letterman. How many more times do they want him to apologize? I wouldn't have apologized again either.