Any ideas for a good summer destination in Cebu?

April 18, 2012 9:05am CST
I'm thinking about how to spend my summer without having to spend a lot of money. Maybe a beach party overnight will do or perhaps to go out of town. Last year, I was not able to enjoy a lot since I was so busy the whole summer with my job. I barely even had time for myself. This year, I think I should reward myself for a job well done for those achievements I made for the past few months. So far, I haven't had planned on something yet. I'd prefer to go on a beach party with a few good people in mind. But I'd also love to go out of town overnight. I'd like to get some fresh air outside the city too. Maybe I'll consider looking for a beach outside the city. I'd also love to think about fun activities to do during that day. Perhaps I could get tips from different sites and different places. Here in Cebu, it will take just an hour drive to reach the most common beaches where most people would love to go to. And that's in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. As a proud island girl myself, I'd like to go somewhere unique and amazing where people haven't heard of it yet. So, do you guys have any ideas and suggestions? I'd love to hear from you.
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
21 Apr 12
Going to the beach is a really good idea this summer. And Cebu has a lot of beautiful beaches to go to. Not sure though if you can find a nice one in the city, but outside the city, there are really a lot! Dalaguete has a nice beach resort which is good for the family, Alcoy's tingko is also good and cheap with white sand, others call it little bora, Boljoon has it's club fort med, you can also try it there and they have this resort or villa, I forgot what it was called, which is on the mountain part of boljoon, there's a swimming pool there and good for the family as well, Oslob where the gentle giants are, Santander where there are also many white sand beaches. Badian, with its famous water falls, Moalboal's white sand beaches. Barili also has there waterfalls. Aloguinsan has there beautiful lake, San remegio with it's longest sea shore and white sand beaches. Actually there's more..all you have to think now if the budget if you really wanted a nice summer destination. The city is just not a good place to go to this summer..beaches here are not really that good and not to mention are so crowded.
• Philippines
22 Apr 12
Wow! That was quite a good number of places for summer. I'm amazed that you really know all about these things. I must say that you should be a beach bum yourself since you know all about those places that you've mentioned. Well, I'll definitely add these places on my list and I'll decide on it pretty soon. I'm still planning on whether we stay there overnight or for just the whole day. I still need to consider a few things before we plan on it though, and that would definitely be about the budget. Thanks a bunch for all these places you suggested, I appreciate it much! ^^
• Philippines
19 Apr 12
Boracay Philippines is always the best place to enjoy your Summer. It's not expensive if you book ahead with cheap travel deals and promo fairs.
• Philippines
20 Apr 12
Thanks for your suggestion. I guess I can't afford Bora for now. :( I'll think about it though. ;) Maybe some other time. I'm looking for a good Beach which is somewhere out of the City and does not cost that much. Any ideas?
@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
18 Apr 12
Hey, im also from Cebu and there indeed are a lot of beach destinations in the province. Most of it are at least 2 hours drive from the city, though. Here is my list: - Tabuelan, look for Durhan Beach Resort. You can get a room for at least P1,500, and the beach is really good. They serve good food, too. - Moalboal, its popular, im sure you've heard of it. white sand beach and diving sites are nearby - Malapascua, its off Cebu mainland, but its really worth the travel - Bantayan, same as Malapascua - the more expensive ones but worth the price are Sumilon Island and Badian Island resorts. let me know if you need more info, and Id be glad to share it to you.
• Philippines
18 Apr 12
Thank you for the suggestions. I have to say that I haven't heard one of the beaches that you listed, that would be Durhan Beach Resort. Do you know any details on how to get there? How about contact numbers? Thanks for all of these that you listed. Your suggestions would definitely be on my list. ;)
• United States
31 Jul 12
Well since you like the beach and swimming, and you want out of town, here is what i would do. go north out of Cebu to the town of Compostella and get a job as a beach girl or pool girl, it is a nice big resort on the beach, but they also have a pool and concessions and plenty of jobs for you to do. The place is called THE GREEN LAGOON, it is a fun place to go to,and it might be a good place to work and vacation all at the same time. Try it and tell me how you do.