Trying to buy a house

United States
April 18, 2012 2:26pm CST
So in February i went to go buy a house but then was turned down due to a bad credit score. He told me to come back in May and try again. So im going to try around May 21st again. I really cant wait to get out of my parents house and start my own life on my own and with my boyfriend. I think its the best move towards being independent i guess you can say. When you bought a house do you remember the process taking a while and was tehre alot of paperwork to do as well? I feel like im going to be overwhelmed with stuff to do and do work full time as well.
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@jinky2012 (438)
• Philippines
25 Apr 12
yes good to hear that from you. You know my friend, it is really hard to find a house to buy right,Considering the space provided.The backgrounds and a lot.But i wish i can buy also my own house.
@tabatha7 (189)
25 Apr 12
Hi, I tried to buy a house once. I had "no credit," so I was approved... The house was beautiful, but had problems... But anyway, there was a lot of paperwork but it would be worth it to own your own house. Just be careful & if I ever do that again, I will definitely take someone I can trust with me to look at it with me. And Please have an inspection done. It's extremely important so you hopefully won't get stuck with a "lemon." Good luck to you! I hope you & your boyfriend find a great house you can get! :)
@flamez3r0 (319)
• Puerto Rico
18 Apr 12
Hello :). If you have a bad credit you can check around for the dates of property auctions on repossessed houses. Usually they go for a lot less than houses on the market, and while some of them require some fixing, in the end you save a lot of money buying like that. If it is your first house in your name you also can get some benefit from most banks in the loan (it is usually called the "first time buyer loan" or something like that and it can save a lot in interests, they give you better payment options and most of the time they can even offer you things like insurance for free, check around in various banks and see which one offer you more). Also, if you don't want to participate in auctions, try to look around for houses selling without realtors. Most of the realtors get paid by commission, which means that they will coach you into buying the most expensive houses. Also speak with the neighbors before buying, most people skip this step and end up with surprises after signing. The most important thing you should look in your first house is for it to be reasonable in space (if its too big with too many rooms it will be expensive and too much of a hassle to clean and keep in order, if its too small then everything will be cramped and messy) and also, if you are going for apartments, check how thick the walls are, if they are too thin everything can be heard so it can be a hassle. About the paperwork, most first time loaners get a lot of help from the bank, but you should always check everything twice, can't go wrong with a little precaution :). I hope you find a good house in which to live happily in the future :D