I almost gave up drinking coffee!

April 19, 2012 8:16am CST
I have problems with my skin. I am having acne that persistently comes and goes. When I came here to Europe it even got worse. When one lump starts to get dry up and heal, another one comes out. My face never cleared up. Because we are in a digital age, I went on to click the computer. "Consuming acidic food and drinks could cause it", this was the common information presented to me. Coffee is one of them. Because I was so desperate I then shifted to drinking ginger tea with lemon which is a very alkaline rich drink to balance high acidity in the body. I also slowed down on my intake of meat coz this is considered with very high acid content. Still, the pimples didn't really go after almost a month of changing my diet. I then went to the doctor to have this checked once and for all. It is common she says to have this adult acne and she could put me in a present study they are having now where I have to take a medicine to alter the hormones or something like that. This is to control the over production of a certain substance in the body that causes the inflammation in the skin but first I have to stop something I have been eating that could also be one reason for it. I started with milk coz this is not something an Asian stomach could tolerate or digest. Yeast also should be stopped. So I did stop anything that has these two ingredients including cheese, chocolate, pasta, bread etc. What should I eat then? I mean, hello, I am here in Europe! Back to Asian diet which is rice and viand. So there, as much as possible I would cook my own food coz going to an Asian restaurant all the time would in the end cost me a fortune. After two weeks, my face indeed started to look better. My colleagues also took notice of the change in my skin. I then started taking some of the food that I totally eradicated from my diet and an acne is seen freshly "born". Yes, that fast! It is depressing. It feels unfair sometimes. I couldn't go on like this so sometimes I rebel and when I see one starting to come out then I stop again. I am going to visit my doctor again soon and find out if I should really start taking the medicine. But coffee and meat shouldn't harm the skin says the doctor so at least I don't need to stop eating meat and drinking COFFEE!. Back to starting the day with the smell and taste of coffee and an afternoon sip in a nearby cozy coffee shop with a good book in hand. Hallelujah!
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