Twilight Saga

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April 20, 2012 12:05am CST
I really enjoyed watching all the movies in this Twilight Saga I feel the most recent release Breaking Dawn Part 1 fell a little short of my expectations.I read all the books and up until this movie I think the movie producers portrade the events in the books just as well in the first few movies. Breaking dawn however was the darker part of the tale. In the book when Bella and Edward finally consumate their love the next morning Bella was writhing with pain bruised and cut head to toe nearly.Her hips felt as though they were almost detached from her body. In the movie however she wakes up in a state of bliss with a bruise on her shoulder? Also they never mentioned how when Bella became pregnate the Cullens told her of the time when vampires were turning babies and toddlers as "their children" but more like pets.But when the immortal infants couldn't control their thirst they had to be murdered,piled,and burned. Thats the kind of things I hope they will get into in part 2 of breaking dawn.I know everyone thinks the younger demographic need to see a love story but lets not fluff it up so much wheres the uncomfortable reality.
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@netrod (182)
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20 Apr 12
Hi Blaze, Well Ive only seen the one movie and of course I didnt know what to expect from the books... So I guess for me that was good cause I enjoied the movie as it was... I really like the TV series TRUE BLOOD better though... There are so many other aspects to their Alt. world like Deamons and Witches, Shape shifters and even Fairies and more... I like the broader spectrum... I did enjoy watching Twilight though... Have a good night...