mouth shout - mmmmmm. suppressing it all.

@jazel_juan (15767)
April 20, 2012 1:49am CST
Well guys, i was not here this morning as we were called to a focus group discussion. All of us in the office. This is aimed to hear the voices of the staff and being honest on how you feel and how things are going. Well there are things playing on my mind on what to say...being honest as i am really always honest. But it was weird as i could not speak even though i want to, i burned before and i might be burned again this even though the human resource will be neutral and will keep it a secret, we never know right? she works for the company still. So i kept it neutral and kept my silence as i do not want any more conflict. Have you ever tried to suppress all your tights? i end up just being neutral saying good things and a little bit of small things..
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21 Apr 12
Silence is golden. It's better to let people think you are stupid than opening your mouth and confirming it. It always pays to be silent. You did a right thing. You should give advice only when you are sure it would be appreciated by the other party. When you are not sure, mum is the word.
@bonding2 (219)
• South Africa
20 Apr 12
you did the right thing ,sometimes being honest can put you in the bad books in the company
@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
20 Apr 12
Keep your friends, but keep your enemies closer. I guess being on the safe side in terms of company sessions like that would keep you on the company's pay roll, LOL! Those who complains surely would have issues, and those who make suggestions in favor of the employee and the company would very well make an impression of having a potential promotion.
@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
20 Apr 12
well i do that most of the time. i keep my mouth shut because i hate issues and i don't like starting a new one. i would rather just shut up so i don't get asked to explain it further LOL and anyway, it might just get taken the wrong way.
@UIUI356 (42)
• China
20 Apr 12
in this kind of situation ,silence is the golgen.i am a girl who want to say anything in my mind ,i cant hind anything inside.that is not ok.something was wrong from our keep silence is the lesson i should try my best to graduate. howerver,how do we set free our emotion?that is a very important question, our mind is just like a rubbish place and it should be cleaned every day.going out with friends shopping ,singing aneryd eating sounds very good. in weekend days ,i like shopping with my friends very much.after shopping,we could have a cup of coffee and then go to see the movies. silence is golden.