" the pressure of failure"..

April 20, 2012 10:42am CST
Everyday we find that student's suicide is almost like a natural phenomenon... students sometimes fail but then they choose the ugly path of suicide ... comitting suicide is never ever a good solution because life is highly delicate we should love life " then life will love us back" ... actually the problem is the total educational scenario it has made the students to take immense pressure and it makes the student believe that " success is life " but actually success is a part of our life.. i hope we could solve this great problem.. every hour two or more students commit"Suicide all over the world"... i wish remedy for this problem.......
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@viju0410 (2286)
• India
21 Apr 12
Hi, Thoughts of ending life come easily when the students fail in their exams and they forget to even think about their parents. Sometime back one student from my daughter’s class (private tuition class for Mathematics) took this step and the class teacher was kind enough to give a positive and motivating lecture to other students never to do any such thing, that hurt the living loved ones. After this year’s result (first week of April) of their class 9, a girl who couldn’t pass at school declared that she’ll be jumping down from her flat’s terrace. On hearing this, few of her friends kept her calling on her cell at almost throughout night and someone informed her parents not to let the girl left alone at any circumstances for few days. These children were successful in diverting her mind /brain at this hour and we (parents) sent a note to the school authorities to make children aware the importance and positive aspects of our life / ill effects of ending life /how it might affect other family members etc etc... take care...
• Philippines
21 Apr 12
I feel saddened with every situation like this that would happen. Personally, I came from a very prestigious school with very high standards. In my opinion, success is never really passing an exam or a test. The act of preparing yourself to take that exam is part of your success since you are doing something to prepare yourself for that. And this goes the same for studying. You succeed not because you just passed the exams or the tests, you succeed because you prepared yourself for it so that you will pass. I've heard some stories also that students nowadays would prefer the easiest way to pass a certain subject, exam or a course. Some would even resort to doing desperate measures such as cheating and such just to pass. And that wouldn't be fair to others who have been trying their best to push themselves in a fair way so that they could succeed. I guess it depends on each student's mentality, we all know that doing the easy way would teach us nothing.