Feeling Sleeplessness?

Thiruvananthapuram, India
April 20, 2012 10:50am CST
It is quite evident that listening to heart rendering music before retiring to bed would cure the malady of sleeplessness. One should listen to music of one's choice for at least half an hour before retiring to bed for sleep. It is true that dependence on sleeping pills to welcome sleep would be considerably reduced if the habit is prolonged. Deep slumber is assured if one listens to soulful music before retiring to bed.
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@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
4 May 12
What types of music are considered to be heart rendering? i usually listen to acoustic ones when i sleep, i just let it go since my player has a timer to turn itself off after 20 or 30 0 minutes. Is acoustics considered as heart rendering music?
@Jotomy (6355)
• India
21 Apr 12
Hi sukumar, listening to our kind of music will get much happy and relaxation. While going to sleep if we listen to the music we get nice sleep. I even listen to the music while walking i never feel tired of it. Have a nice day.
@SIMPLYD (78617)
• Philippines
21 Apr 12
That's indeed a good way of beating sleeplessness my friend. But i have never tried that yet. Maybe because i seldom get sleeplessness. And when i do, i would read the bible , which is on top of the lampshade table on my side. After i have read for about 15 minutes , i will already feel sleepy.
@GardenGerty (97959)
• United States
21 Apr 12
I agree that there are some types of music that help prevent sleeplessness. It also helps to get away from the computer and television, and maybe read something soothing. The light from electronics stimulates the pineal gland to keep us awake.
• United States
20 Apr 12
This is a beautiful suggestion for a very healthy person; however, a percentage of people with sleep disorders have some time of imbalance. If they can't experience homeostasis they might not be able to solved a problem with insomnia by listening to music...alone. For some people, it's a life long search to understand why they have problems sleeping. Nutrition difficiencies can lead to health problems and stress can also keep someone from getting quality sleep. That being said, I think listening to beautiful music before bedtime could be a small step in the right direction.