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April 20, 2012 11:58pm CST
I've been watching Glee episodes (Season 1 and 2). I found some good song selections in the show. One that really caught me is their version of I Want to Hold Your Hand (originally sang by Beatles) by Kurt and One of Us (Joan Osborne) sang by the whole cast. I even downloaded these two songs. I just can't imagine a rock song to be song the way they did. I am not yet done watching Glee and sure will find another good song in their own interpretation.
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23 Nov 12
I love Glee and I often prefer their version of a song to the original. They get alot of stick for what they do but they aren't claiming that they wrote the songs at all. After all, that is what a Glee club is all about! I think what alot of people don't understand is, Glee isn't all about the music, although it is a big part. It addresses very real issues, such as teenage pregnancy, bullying and just growing up in general, coupled with the constant need and want to fit in. I just think it is fantastic viewing! Thanks for the discussion!
• Philippines
26 Nov 12
I was also a fan of this TV series. You are right, some renditions of the songs are better than the original ones. Youa re right, this TV series does not only about singing but it shows a lot of issues that teenagers may experience and face at this stage.
@luvmusic (144)
• Malaysia
28 May 12
glee always pick the right songs for a cover. sometimes, the songs they cover are better than the original. glee can make a song more popular than it is and made it to be in the top 100 songs list
• Philippines
28 May 12
Yes, they always pick right songs for their episodes. Their interpretation sometimes better than the original ones. However, they still give some credits to the original singer by making them guests in the show or at least they give respect and good judgement to the song. There are also original songs in some of their episodes. I guess they already released album on some of the selected songs they did in each season.
@stanley777 (7176)
• Philippines
27 Apr 12
I saw some bits about Glee- it is an award winning show right? They did do some great covers of songs and the cast are lovable too. They are on their third season now and had sung 300 cover of songs and some nice originals.. wow
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27 Apr 12
Yes it is an award winning show in US. The cast are great. Most of their cover songs are great and nice version.
@GemmaR (8526)
21 Apr 12
I have watched Glee right from when it started, and I have always loved the kind of style that they sing in. A lot of songs that they sing I have been drawn to that I would never have normally have listened to, and I think the fact that it makes us aware of such a wide range of artists has got to be a good thing. Many of my friends think that it is not a good show, and tell me that it is sad, however I am proud that I watch things that make me feel good rather than following the crowd, which is something that I am never going to do.
• Philippines
22 Apr 12
I haven't watched it in TV. I just downloaded the episodes from the start and watched it whenever I got the time like lunch break, before going to sleep or during weekends. I don't have a voice in singing but I love watching this kind of shows. I got interest in themed like these when I watched the movie Moulin Rouge and Dream Girls. I also watched the 3 High School Musical Movies. So it came to my mind to watch Glee. You are right, their casts were really great.