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@jgaces (80)
April 21, 2012 3:30am CST
Just a few days ago i have been interested on PTC sites,used google to know the best PTC site for 2012.And Neobux was one of the top PTC site.Registered at Neobux and rented some referrals. So my question to the PTC users, do renting referrals would gain you more $ and is it worth it?
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@marguicha (108676)
• Chile
24 Apr 12
Welcome to mylot!!! I like neobux but I did not have a good experience when I rented referrals. In general, I have found that referrals are not active, even at the best sites. So now I exchange links of sites with friends and we both gain a free active referral. I invest some time in explaining what to do, but I don´t invest a cent. If you are interested in this way of doing things, become my friend and we´ll talk about it in private messages (PM).
@jgaces (80)
• Philippines
25 Apr 12
Thanks Marguicha, added you already as a friend. Hoping for your messages.Thanks a lot.
@ebmims (90)
• United States
21 Apr 12
Neobux is a classic and has been around for a long time. Now I know a lot of people in here and in general would say renting referrals is a waste, especially on Neobux, but I disagree and assume they were either unlucky or were doing it wrong. While I don't have months or years of personal experience, I do have a solid month of renting at Neobux to say that it does work still. I buy 100 referrals every week, and each 100 refs are earning me about $5-8 a week... which means on average I am breaking even but once you start extending the active ones and building up a stock of actives, you can start seeing a nice return. Yeah, it is an old site and there are a ton of registered but inactive members. but on the same hand, its an old legit site that you know you will get paid and is stable...
@jgaces (80)
• Philippines
21 Apr 12
Thanks for the info. 100 ref? and still you earn $5-8 a week your luck then.Started for only 10 RR's and 2 were inactive guess i would have to recycle them.
@Jenaisle (3803)
• Philippines
22 Apr 12
The rule of thumb is to never pay for any upgrade, etc. they should pay you and not you paying them. If you are starting, MyLot is a sure earner, just be patient and do all allowed activities. like posting pictures, answering questions with good answers and posting relevant questions and you'll surely earn. I say this because MyLot gave me my first online earnings through paypal, and after that I still earned from MyLot. Good luck.