Do you know what's astral projection ?

Astral Projection  - Picture of astral projection with the physical body and the astral body.
April 21, 2012 9:47am CST
Not many people knows what astral projection even means. Two mounts ago I didn't know what it means too, I had never heard it before in my life too. Till I experienced it. First of all, let me explain it to you. The astral projection is the ability of leaving your body and observe the world from an independent and objective point of view. This is also referred to as an out-of-body experience. Most of the scientist reject the theories of astral projection, because of the fact that there isn't any physical law that explains it. They all believe that astral projection is just a dream or hallucination. I've heard that 14 - 15 percent of the people had experienced it. I think that's a lot of people. Most of the time, astral projection appears in crisis situations, like bad illness or people who almost died. A common example involves near-fatal accidents where the subject later reports floating above the body near the ceiling in the hospital, watching on as an objective observer, taking in the actions and conversations of the medical personnel working 'below' them. People who have recovered in such instances have reported watching their doctors pronounce them dead, or calling for specific life-saving techniques later recounted and verified by those present. When astral projection occurs under these circumstances it is referred to as a near-death-experience. Aside from times of crisis, astral projection can take place when meditating, in trance, resting or while sleeping. When you leave your physical body, you are in your astral body. The astral body can go anywhere you want, but not everyone can control it easily. There are a lot of cases that love couples are separated, because one of them travel to a very far destination, and the other one makes an astral projection and sees him, where he is, what is he doing, with every little detail. I've heard about a case like that. A woman's husband has go to a business trip on a ship for a mount. The woman misses him very much and worries about him, when not knowing how, she made an astral projection and go to him in the ship, saw him what is he doing with every detail. When they talk on the phone, she tells him what she saw and asked the man, does he really did the activity that he was doing when the woman saw him, and he confirmed that. Sometimes information or details gleaned while astral projecting is said to have been later verified by the subject whose physical body could not have perceived the information directly. Let me tell you my story. I've experienced astral projection twice, even do I didn't go anywhere with my astral body. I was above my body and I saw how my body was sleeping in my bad. Every detail of my room was like it was. Even the position that I was sleeping, was the same as I woke up. It was kind of scary and weird thing. At start I taught it was dream, even if I know that this was different than dream, and it has something weird about this. When I experienced it twice, the second time I remember how I left my physical body. I saw something like radiant thread at my body and weird feeling at the back of my head - like I was leaving my body from there. I also heard very loud incomprehensible noises. I couldn't move any part of my body, like I was paralyzed. And then, I woke up with the memory how I was above my body watching it how is sleeping. At this moment I knew that this wasn't just a weird dream. I told this story to 2 of my best friends and it was big surprise that one of my friends knew about the phenomenal astral projection and explained it to me. I couldn't believe it at start, but the I realized that it's totally true. After a whole day of reading about the phenomenal, I was really scared of it, even I go to sleep with a huge fear for a mount. Now, I am happy for making this phenomenal human ability, even yesterday I tried to make it by my own, but I couldn't because when I was close of doing it, I heard the loud noises and they scare me so I failed. I would totally understand if you don't believe in the astral projection. I wouldn't believe it to if I wasn't experienced it. The reason of my discussion is to know how many of you are heard or knows about the astral projection, and is there any of you who had experienced it like me ?
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1 May 12
I have experienced astral projection before many times, even when I was really young. Back then of course I didn't have a name for it, as I do now. I can now consciously projection. A theory I have heard before that many people experience it without even knowing. One sign of that may be having the feeling of your whole body being slammed into your bed as you start awake, it is said that it is your spirit/soul being jerked back into your body.
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