Bulls to win the Championship!?

@snrm007 (224)
United States
April 21, 2012 8:32pm CST
I am from Chicago but I think the Bulls have been one of the best teams this year. They have had multiple successful matches against the Miami Heat and have shown a great team chemistry with an even better fan base. I think the Bulls will get far in the playoffs this year, maybe even win the championship? Anyone else agree or think another team is a better contender?
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• United Arab Emirates
23 Apr 12
I don't see the Bulls winning the championship despite the strenght of their fans and the good game of basketball they play, I don't see them going through teams like Bolton Celtics who are having the best record in the East and have players who can play their own game and don't depend on one player like how the Bulls center their game around Derrick Rose, who no doubt deserves to be the MVP. I see them going far in the championship but not winning, they have face some tough games which have showed how vulnerable they are, their home win against Miami Heat was courtesy of their third choice guard, who have had limited time to play as long as Rose is in good health, it doesn't work like this, all team players should have a part to contribute to the team whenever they are on the court, that third choice guard had a tripple double and had 28points. Bulls are a good team but center their game around Rose.
@snrm007 (224)
• United States
24 Apr 12
I have to disagree. I don't think they center their game around Rose as much as the Lakers center it around Kobe. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah are just as important as Rose when it comes to other parts of the game.
4 May 12
i agree that Bulls is one of the best teams this year, though rose missed lots of games owning to his hurt,Bulls also win the regular-season championship.so before the playoff starts,i also think that Bulls have more chance to get the championship in the end.but after hearing the news of rose hurt again in the first game of playoffs and can't attend the rest of games, i think Bulls have little chance to get the championship,i feel so regret that rosse can't play any more this season. now in my opinion Heats can get east champion more easier.as for west,i love lakers and i am kobe's fans,but OKC and Spurs maybe more competitive. but i hope to see lakes vs heats in the finals.