Thank God there are nice bosses around here.

Pasay, Philippines
April 21, 2012 11:43pm CST
I woke up late for an unforgivable reason if you're the boss listening: I stayed too much online that I wasn't paying attention that it was 10:30 PM (MLA) already. And yes; I'm not going to blame my alarm clock like everybody usually does because it DID ring but I slept again for the bed's greatness of comfort and my body's yearning for more sleep. Next best thing is; I woke up midmorning; scratching my head and complains. I walked. No; I didn't take a ride or any transportation. What's going to be the point if you're late already? Stupid employee; I still insists taking my time going to work not minding too much as it will gradually affect my working mindset. I'm thinking; I was lenient before with my agents. Hope Karma will be at my side now. In my perspective; every chance that you give is a chance that you sees. And it did paid off. Being honest did grant me opportunity to work for today at the very least without being scolded. I admitted my mistake at some point and this is the first time I rendered half-day work. I'm sharing my thoughts about working right now. And hope it shed light to you in thanking your boss being nice to you. Take time thanking them even a text away.
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• Philippines
22 Apr 12
Well, you're lucky resy to have a nice boss. Its really good to be honest, and you still reported to work. That is the good part of it.
• Pasay, Philippines
22 Apr 12
Thanks... of course wouldnt use it in other purposes that breaks the boundaries of work ethics. I'm pretty much sure about it. I've handled a team before and sincerity DOES count ^_^-) Happy mylotting!