To love more ... or be loved more ???

April 22, 2012 2:16am CST
a friend once asked me and i was stumped. he asked me which would i prefer: that i love my wife more than she does me or that my wife would love me more than i do her. how about you guys? what would you choose?
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@SinfulRose (3529)
• Davao, Philippines
27 Apr 12
Not to be rude or anything but I think that question is not applicable between a couple. Because a relationship won't last long if two won't work together and meet the other half-way. I mean, either way is okay but won't it be best if you both each love the other like your other half? to say this? One cannot exist without the other?
• Philippines
23 Apr 12
Well, i think both must be agreed loving each other must be follow.Not more than ,or less but must both respect and love each other so it will be fair.
@berting600 (3458)
• Philippines
22 Apr 12
It is not a healthy love when you are the only one who loves your partner.It must be give and take situation so that your relationship could celebrate your golden age of your relationship.The weight of your love must also be the same weight as what your partner could provide you.When this happens your relationship could celebrate all the jubilees a married couple could cherish in their entire married life.People are made to be love and be love yet we are not made with the same sentiment as to what degree we could share to our partner.This scenario play the role of martyr love affair that the other has more love than the other and due to their relationship could prosper that the other should give way to the other partner so that their love could endure for the sake of their love.I do not know how you felt with your partner but I sense that you have no the same love weights that your other partner just give you some credit so that your relationship would last as you both wish it could be