No words, no facts

@didi13 (2927)
April 22, 2012 7:07am CST
Very long time I lined up the belief that, if information has appeared in the press, is true. "He wrote in the newspaper" or "I've seen on TV" - told people a few years ago, bringing the ultimate argument in any conversation in which one questions the truth of facts or statements. Nowadays, our neighbors do not really believe in statements in the media. And they are entitled. Too often the media took his words back and proved corrupt or wrong. As recently as yesterday, the whole scandal claims related to a fashion designer proved that you can declare something on TV and then, if business goes bad, you declare that you kidding, the desire to make audiences. For a while, was the fashion truth revealed by facts, not words. Hordes of reporters, hunters armed with cameras or video cameras and then they sat watching the personalities of evidence or images in tabloid gossip shows. Words do not have to. Expose the facts were given. Then it turned out that no photos or video illustrates not necessarily real situations and that can be rigged as well. Where to look the truth if we can not believe even in words or in deeds, not in pictures? Who brings real testimonials about our world? I am a spectator lost among testimonials that you no longer believe ... Where do we look for references?
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
22 Apr 12
I don't know either. When I was little, I believed everything on TV. Now... I work as a media observer, so I get to type in news and economical and political TV shows, from different media platforms (in my country, there's left-wing and right-wing media, even if they don't wanna admit it), and I see so many contradicting things in different radio and TV stations' news and talkshows. Now I'm only relying on my beliefs and those experts whom I can trust (but there are only a few of them, and neither of them are in the political field), because now media is either corrupt, or biased or some people downright lie in these shows.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
22 Apr 12
In a world of intoxicated superficiality , lying and imposture is hard to find parts or to keep your direction. But real journalists are those who preserve their cold blood and a clear head and not let the lure of the wave of madness, but rather is built slowly and patiently a long and respected career, based on solid principles of honesty and respect for the profession. Can not create fireworks around them, maybe not in the spotlight, but ultimately time is one that validates the value.
@megamatt (14329)
• United States
25 Apr 12
The interesting thing is that just because it is in the media, does not make it true. The truth can be distorted into something beyond what could be considered lies. One might rather say, that there is some kind of truth buried within the lies. The real question is where is the truth buried. That is really something that there people have been figuring out. Everything out there that has ever be said, might not be true. There is really nothing to completely prove. If something has been reported by someone, it can be spun as we have all of our own biases. There is some truth, but events can be downplayed or exaggerated depending on the situation. Everything can be altered. All lies might be rooted in truth, but where can the truth be found and where the lies can be found. And how much truth?
@yanzalong (10200)
• Indonesia
23 Apr 12
It's up to us to judge whether testimonials are genuine or made up. The made up ones are usually for attracting people to join or buy certain products, right? Some news is also non sense but we have no choice. We have to listen to it and collect similar facts and finally will be able to draw conclusions which is which.
• Ecuador
22 Apr 12
Unfortunately, that's something that happens all over the world. Some time ago the press ceased to be an information medium that seeks to inform the audience about what happens in the world. Today, both TV channels and some newspapers are devoted only to sell news, whether they're true or not. Today we can no longer trust in the news only because they were on TV or were printed on a newspaper. Now, I think that web is a good way to obtain information, but we have to choose which websites to trust.