Horse Radish Root

April 22, 2012 8:13pm CST
I have some horse radish roots growing in my garden and some of the roots are big enough to use. I'm wondering if anyone has any good recipes I could use them in :)
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23 Apr 12
Well, this may seem like a stupid question, but what in the world are horse radish roots? I have never heard of such things!
25 Apr 12
I can see I'm not going to get much help with this but hey atleast i tried :P Horse radish is the wild version of the normal edible red radish that you get in salads. It is actualy classed as a herb not a vegetable. I know you can make a sauce with horse radish and i have the recipe for that but i was wondering whether you could do a little more with it. I hope that helps you a bit :)