What is the main essence of life?

April 22, 2012 8:58pm CST
Why do you think we are here on earth? What is the main purpose of living? Do you think we have some great plans to accomplish or we are just here to be born, exist and expire without much meaning? Share your opinions about life and it's importance for you.
2 responses
• Philippines
23 Apr 12
Yeah. We live for a purpose. We don't know yet for what but it's our job to find it. Only the one in the heavens know what our purpose in life. The reason for living is that you love your family, relatives and friends.
• Philippines
23 Apr 12
Yes I agree. There is a troubling thought that comes into my mind now. What about the people who is a part of a broken family and doesn't have a family nor friends to love...did they lose their purpose in life? The answer I can think of right now is that if they get close to God and tell all their troubles to Him, they will find all kinds of healing in their lives...including healing of relationships and healing of memories. I think no situation is hopeless and you can find purpose in any kinds of circumstances and situations.
• India
2 May 12
God has sent us over here to accomplish something. Each of the have some mission but most of them have different of them. Those missions are top secrets which are kept away from us and they are reveled to us when the time has come. Hope I will do my mission quite success.