What is the advantage and disadvantage of Face Book?

April 22, 2012 9:48pm CST
Friends, where there are advantage, there is also disadvantage. In Facebook too there are lots of advantage and disadvantage so please share advantage and disadvantage of facebook in your opinion.
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• Canada
23 Apr 12
When you talk about the social networking site facebook I think there are several advantages and disadvantages as with everything. Some advantages facebook may have for users is that it has a great design, it is great for sharing blogs, articles, pictures, it's a great tool for gathering great information about your friends and families lives. You could possibly meet someone you fall in love with on facebook :) Facebook hosts a variety of fun applications and games where you can compete with your personal facebook friends. You can create events, groups, connect with people who have similar interests. Facebook also has its own chat function where you can live chat with any of your online friends. Finding friends with facebook has never been easier and sharing your thoughts and feelings as well as being open to comments and feedback in regards to your posts are also great features. Communication never seemed easier. On the other hand facebook does have some known disadvantages. Because of all of its addicting features students can become distracted easily from their responsibilities and get lost in the cyber social connect. Employees become less efficient at work if they are incorporating facebook into their daily tasks. If you are not careful about your security settings or even if you are your friends and strangers can find out pertinent information about your life, such as, where you are going tonight.. Where you live... where you are employed, this information access can be cause for higher risk of danger.
• Nepal
23 Apr 12
Yes friend, the social network site facebook has lots of features like we can meet more friends whom we cannot meet easily but facebook makes its very easy through networking, we can store out valuable pictures in facebook and also we can see out friends pictures too. we easily can contact our old friends via facebook. we can share our all things in facebook. there are lots of disadvantage too.