My asthma always attacks me!

April 23, 2012 2:20am CST
I had the first symptoms of having asthma when I was in my second year in high school. I had difficulty in breathing and made me thought that I would die. I went to a specialist and prescribed me Salbutamol Ventolin tablet. It worked and been using it everytime I had an attack. But when I got pregnant on my first child, my asthma seems to attack me every now and then. Its really hard for me especially that I am pregnant. I was then admitted to the hospital. The doctor then prescribed me an Inhaler. Since then, I don't keep my inhaler away from me in case my asthma attacks. But now, I bought a nebulizer because every night I'm having an asthma attack. My husband worries a lot of what might happen to me. Thank God the minute I'd take an inhaler and after I nebulize, my breathing gets back to normal.
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• China
24 Jul 12
You can't rely on aerosol(nebulize)too much. I also have a serious asthma, and have frequent asthma attack. Previously,I relied on aerosol and inhaler very much.With years on, I found they can only make me breathe smoothly for some time, but can't cure my diease. Then I began to find other kinds of complementary therapy, like playing Taiji,a good exercise from China,doing foot massage and swimming. Now I become stronger and I don't often have asthma attack.
@kamaeca (161)
• Philippines
2 Jul 12
i am also asthmatic. i also have my inhaler with me all the time. but my mom insists on not using it because i might be dependent on it. but i love it cause it's effect is really immediate whenever i feel like i'm losing my breath. i don't have a nebulizer but i tried it twice. i love the feeling. Well, i hope we both have good health. God bless! ;D
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
17 May 12
my asthma really never bothered me when i was pregnant but now as i am older, i find it bothers me quite a bit. you are smart to carry an inhaler with you all the time. i do as well. better to be safe than sorry!
@lmw814 (124)
• United States
23 Apr 12
It sounds like you have a really bad case of asthma. I have bronchial asthma, but only need to use my rescue inhaler very rarely. For the most part, Spiriva works well for me. I hope your doctor can find a regular medication to work for you like Advair or Spiriva, then maybe you won't need to depend so much on an inhaler. Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon. :)
• Philippines
23 Apr 12
Stay in fresh air.Avoid exposing in hazardous place.RELAX AND TAKE BETTER MEDICINES FOR ASTHMA..
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
23 Apr 12
I feel what you're talking about, as I have had severe asthma attacks-for me, it was especially when I was a little kid. I have had so big seizures, that sometimes even when I inhaled, I had to be taken to the hospital. That was horrible. Now, after using all the medication regularly (the inhaler, the tablets and the sprays), it slowed down. I had my last attack when I was 18, and for 4 years, I've had no seizures. But I'm still suffering from allergies, unfortunately.