April 23, 2012 5:03pm CST
hi my name is anar , i live in azerbaijan country ,baku city , i am student in university in second year education , i want to say one thing about making money in this life ? that nothings come easy in this life we have to work hard to earn something , and i have one story i want to discuss it with you guys i growed up in dubai city , and i know arabic language very good , when i have come back with my family to azerbaijan , after sometime i started to search about work where i can use my knowledge of arabic language , in the start i found some offices where i started with 3 dollar for 2 hour translation tio russian language and i worked there for 6 months , i do that not because we do not have money o something like this but i do this tio feel that i can make money alone , and approximately after 6 months of work a group of english people they said to me that can you be our guide her in baku because we do not know any thing yet here , they was worker for petroleum company , and after that i started to make good money with them for one month i have more than 300 dollar and i worked only 3 hours in day , that why guys may be some of you say that little money , i know that but every thing started like this ?
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@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
23 Apr 12
Hi, Troyseller, if you want to make money here you have to participate in the discussions and also to start discussions. The main thing is not just write but make quality posts. It's good to read the guidelines and learn the rules. If you want to know something feel free to ask, start a discussion in the interest myLot. You will find out that there are many nice people here who are willing to help. And that myLot is not just an earning site but a place for fun where you can find friends from around the world and learn new things. Have a nice time here!
• Azerbaijan
23 Apr 12
please can you explain these rules to me , what ii have to do ? really i do not understand any thing