un BELIEVE able!

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April 23, 2012 7:52pm CST
after working a 10 hour shift, they expected me to use my new deep fryer to fry up some chicken!! hubby made a pot of field peas in anticipation of me frying up the chicken. WTH! he didn't even want to open the box and take the fryer out till i got home to see how much oil i would need for it! so that meant that i would have to open the box, find out how much oil i would need, go to the store and then come back to flour the chicken, season the chicken THEN fry it! i don't think so!!!!! when i asked for help, i was told that i was interrupting THEIR nap! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! so instead, i pulled the pork off the bones put it into my skillet with bbq sauce, stuck the poppers in the oven and pulled the potato salad out of the frig and said here's dinner! i have to go to work early the rest of this week and will be working late fri (of all days!) nobody wants to help, screw it! they can deal with what i made. my son (who would have helped) is going through some health issues and is staying in bed.
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24 Apr 12
You can't do everthing all the time. Maybe you can give someone a crock pot and a cook book that is easy cooking.