human population keep on increasing

@shylade (3137)
April 23, 2012 8:10pm CST
last night, i watched on the news about a bloody demolition in one of the cities here. the people from the demolition site raised against the police and so the bloody fight. our population keeps on increasing and more part of it are from the lower class. a lower class family often have children of not less than 5 so you could just imagine how they are living in a shanty near a river or under a bridge. and what is really heartbreaking is their children are forced to work at some a tender age, as early as 1 year old who begs for money in the street. so i wonder why they keep on multiplying or do they care about their children? it is hard to ahve many kids nowadays right? how can we help them because i think they need to be educated about it.
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