Have you tried Panda Spanking?

Pasay, Philippines
April 24, 2012 2:34am CST
Have you heard about "Panda Spanking"? It is the most peculiar thing to do. You do something out of the ordinary. And you do it in public. For example; Planking is like Panda Spanking. Some of my friends would randomly doing it in public. And trust me; most of the people around them would either laugh a loud or crack their heads out of annoyance; like, are they crazy? Planking? Who cares. We want to do it on the floor, on the boxes, in statues, on the bench and almost everywhere. We do it in the snap. Crazy as it may seems but that's one example of panda spanking. Have you done something crazy or unusual in public and was it in a snap?
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@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
25 Apr 12
I took a pic of my friends doing planking once. Actually we just taking pics of ourselves, but then a friend got this weird idea of planking that she saw online, and we decided to do it. I'm the one with the camera, and I gotta tell you, even I feel embarrassed to take the pic. People around us start cranking their neck, some steer away. But since that was our last gathering (we are graduating, we shut out the shame and do it anyway. After doing it, it does not feel so bad. It feels like we have accomplished something, even if it is a foolish one. Haha.
• Pasay, Philippines
26 Apr 12
Not bad after all! It is really nice to accomplish something that nobody had done before; especially if it is a crazy one ^_^-) Happy mylotting with you and enjoy pranking~!!
@daisy777 (216)
• South Africa
6 Sep 12
I'm totally confused. I think I know what Panda Spanking is, but I have no idea what planking is. Please help :-).
• Pasay, Philippines
10 Sep 12
Panda spanking is doing some random, funny things in an instant in front of the public :) Have you tried doing that before?