New fun cheap games to play.....

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April 26, 2012 12:22am CST
my 4 year old doesnt like to do anything unless it is with me or my husband or with any body for that matter. she will play with ehr sister sometimes but they fight more than anything. so i was thinking if i found some fun things for us to do around the house inside then may be i can get them to work together and may be that will help with some of the fighting and also may be it will give them more time with me to where she might actually play by her self and it will stop her from watching tv as much as she always does. any ideas of some things i can do with a 2 and a 4 year old that is cheap but fun for both of them??
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• India
15 Oct 12
Since your children belong in the same age group, it is normal for them to fight over their toys as they have the same interests. Toddlers love to pretend and imitate grown-ups so you may want to give them their own little purse or toy gadgets. If you would like them to play on their own, you can give them activities to enhance their creativity skills. This would be a good time for them to learn how to color or paint. Give them the liberty of messing up and figuring things out on their own. In this way, you are letting them have fun while addressing their developmental needs.
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8 Mar 13
my kids do love their little purses and little play cell phones and all that. anything to make them just like mommy or daddy is the key!! lol i didnt think about the whole activity think usually we do activities as a family but maybe it wouldbe better to give me the chance to do it on their own to and like you said it would help in more ways than 1. thank you for the great ideas i will definately be uing them and sorry it took so long to write back i just noticed your post here... but still thank you because they are great ideas
@KOSTAS499 (1625)
• Greece
6 May 12
First of all and most important, is to get your children out in nature with every chance you got. You will see their faces light up because of the all the new things they see. That will sure get them of TV and maybe video games(if they play). Then find some craft sites and buy some cheap stuff like eyes for dolls, paper and others and get them started on making stuff on their own. Let them wonder in the forests of imagination. Make a kite, dolls, decorate boxes for their toys. You get my point. They might even start working together through this. Or you can make them....ask both them to make something together for mommy.
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8 May 12
we go camping and fishing sometimes and they LOVE it. yesturday we went to the park and we fished some then let them play on the new playground they just made. they do not get to play outside much here at home but we do go out and do some things when we have the time and the money to do so. my grandma and i went out and bout stickers and paper and glue and i have magazines that i can cut pictures out and let them glue them. i saw some where about letting them make their own book but it didnt work out like we had planned lol but they are just little and they had a lot of fun with it so that is all that matters :) i like the kite idea and the dolls and the box for their toys so i may look into getting some more supplies and doing that kind of stuff with them. i think they would enjoy that a lot. they have their own special crayon boxes to so i may let themput stickers on it and other things that way it is all their own and they can have fun while doing so :) thank you for the great ideas i will be looking into these because i know they will enjoy them a lot!!
@laken02 (3067)
• United States
26 Apr 12
have you thought of printing things off the internet for them to color.. or when my daughter was younger they used to love to build a tent indoors out of a sheet and pillows we had fun alot with that and everyone well all the kids loved it as well .. you can get some cheap baby dolls and build a small tent if you have room.. my kids would play for hours in it.. then it became clean up time and i made them help me take it down and put it away.. take care..
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27 Apr 12
i have never thought of that. i do not have a printer but i am always at my grandmas and she does. my kids love to color but they break their crayons ALOT lol but i am sure they would enjoy that. do you know a good place to find picutes to print that they can color? i know my kids would love the tent idea but the thing with that is if my land lord was to stop by and it is time for an unexpected inspection and she comes in and sees that then she wll be mad and we might possibly fail the inspection. but i guess if i do it in their room then it might be ok if i use their beds and make it look like it is their own little tent over their beds which i would push together. HEY who knows may be that will get them to start sleeping in their room again :) it would bother me to much to leave it up tho so we would have to have clean up time to lol thank you for the great idea :) i think starting next week we will be finding a lot more new things to do :) and i have a few new ideas already :)
@GemmaR (8526)
26 Apr 12
When I was a little bit younger I would babysit for my two cousins, and I had no money to buy any toys or games for them so I had to make do with the things that I had in the house. I bought a pack of tennis balls with six in the pack, and would hide them around the house. I would say to the children when they arrived that when they had found the six balls they would get a magic picnic, which was on a special rug with special plates (well, special to children anyway) and it kept them nice and quiet for a couple of hours!
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27 Apr 12
i am sure that my kids would LOVE to do something like that. i am not sure that they would look for them for long tho lol they get bored very quickly lol but i am sure i can find a way to make it a little more fun for them. we dont have a carpet but they LOVE going outside maybe one day the surprise can be a picnic on a blaket out back and the next day an hour at the park or something like that since it isstarting to warm up (for now lol) thank you for the great idea because even on a rainy day i can put a blanket on the floor and do the same thing :)