Making money online

April 26, 2012 1:13am CST
I am a fourth year engineering student(software engineering).And i don't get a lot of time to do some part time job and all.So i thought that i would try making some money online.That is when i found out about this site.And i signed up in it.But i don't really sit around in front of the computer and type.I know being an engineering student and all.But that is how it is.And then i heard that making a website is much easier for making money.So i made a forum site.Which is kind of the easiest to make.As you can get the whole script for making it online.So i just made one and hosted it.The thing is,it all sounds easy when they say i realize you have to spend a lot of time in it first posting a lot of forums and all till some users join it and it gets popular.Then i thought i will hire some writers from some some sites to write for me in my website.Which again costs me besides the money for hosting and the domain registration and all.And yea by the way the name of the site is "" You know what.I have tried a lot of ways of making money online besides this.But most of them turned out to be fakes.And some others were not even worth the time that we had to spend in it.
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@twinkz89 (29)
• Philippines
28 Apr 12
you can try software developer for all different types of mobile phone just search it for the availability in your country. Iphone and any other brand mobile phone are looking for software developer. or check it at - just sign up there and make a public resume and search for a job thats suite's your course.
• India
28 Apr 12
I tried many stuff like that.But they all turned out to be fakes.So is there any site that you are sure is not a fake?