Twin Peaks--and old TV shows?

United States
April 26, 2012 7:04am CST
I was sad to see that only one person has ever brought up Twin Peaks on this site, and it was five years ago! Anyone ever actually watch this crazy show? It was created in part by David Lynch, and if you know anything about him, you now know exactly how crazy it is. Honestly, the second season sort of dragged for me, but the first and then the series finale are some of my favorite TV. Oh, Agent Dale Cooper, you poor besieged man. If you haven't seen that, then what are some older TV shows you love? They could be from before your time, or just something that was cancelled prematurely.
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@burrito88 (2779)
• United States
4 May 12
Twin Peaks was one of my favorite shows although I came to it in the middle of the first year. It brought back several actors that we hadn't seen for a while. I once drove through the town that was used for outdoor shots in the series. (It's about a hour away from the town where they filmed Northern Exposure, another favorite of mine.) Once they revealed the Leland Palmer was the killer, the show started to run downhill.
• United States
11 May 12
Agreed. A lot of the second season is too soap-opera-ish, and not as surreal as I'd been hoping.
• India
11 Oct 12
Old tv shows you know do not just show what age bracket you are now but also the kind of childhood you had. My favourite are Tom & Jerry and Sesame Street. Every now and then, I still watch them and take time to laugh with them. It lighten up my mood faster than chocolates without the extra pound added.