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@esor50 (115)
April 26, 2012 7:12am CST
in our country.there are a lot of good and fresh nurses.but there is no work or vacancy available for them.what a sigh.even though the kids new that there are a lot of nurses already,they still want to pursue their dreams,to be a nurse.and my child is one of them,a full pledged nurse,but now,set up her business,a tourist guide of our province.and now she handed me her earnings,it is twenty thousand pesos.should i spend it?or should i just keep it?
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@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
28 Apr 12
Hi Esor50, those who take up nursing must be prepared to work in other countries or cities where the demand is high. Over here, the situation is just the opposite. We have many hospitals, and the beds are always in shortage. We do not have enough doctors or nurses to cope with the demand. The problem is also due to the fact that many elderly ones speak dialects instead of English or Mandarin. Only some local nurses can understand what they say.
@esor50 (115)
29 Apr 12
hi scheng,so sad to know that it is the opposite situations of our here,we got a lot of qualified nurses but no vacancies in the hospitals,whereas in your place,you got a lot of hospitals.yes,you are right.they better apply to work in other countries so that they can exercise their chosen course.
• Philippines
30 Apr 12
Yes, scheng, the rise in student population taking up nursing is really brought about by the high demand of nurses in other countries. However, I think that has slowed down for the last 2 years. And, now there are a lot of underemployed nursing graduates. Most of them go to call centers. Esor, it would be best to save up the money, unless you have something important to use it with. And, is she enjoying her job as tourist guide? My sister is a guide, too and we're planning to put up our own travel agency, soon.
• China
26 Apr 12
Hey,esor50.I think you could keep the money for your child. and when you have enough money, your child can achieve her dream.
• Bulgaria
26 Apr 12
I think that you should pursue your dreams.It is good until achieve their goals,earn money from somewhere.