cardiac rehabilitation

April 26, 2012 10:34am CST
my father recently underwent a heart related surgery and somebody suggested for him to get cardiac rehabilitation. can somebody tell me more about this?
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@AjazKhan (21)
• Saudi Arabia
27 Apr 12
I have suffered from Heart attack (Myocardial infarction) in 2003, and was treated with Angioplasty and stent placement. soon after I was given cardiac rehabilitation sessions, which included Diet Program, Exercise Program, Counseling by psychiatrist to adopt the changes in my health and life and so on. In my opinion cardiac rehabilitation is very good as it helped me to overcome the set back.
• Philippines
1 May 12
thank you for your response. it has been really difficult lately because we are all adjusting to the changes. i have observed that its not just the patients who need help. the family and caregivers also need help, especially for long term care. i will try to look for some information online so i can have at least an overview and guide. i'm glad that you have shared your own experience in relation to this. i am hopeful that this will help not just the patient but also the family.
• United States
26 Apr 12
Cardiac rehabilitaion is when a person receives support from a medical professional on changing their habits in life so that they can benefit from the surgery, and not have to have further. For example, a rehabilitation program might be with a physical therapist(for exercise), nutritionist(for better and healtheir options ) a general doctor (for perscription help to keep numbers like cholestoral and blood pressure balanced) and a pyschologist(dealing with the surgery, and how to move on from here with life). It can include, any, some or all of these things.
• Philippines
1 May 12
thank you for your response. i will look for facilities which can offer these. as of now, i have not encountered a program such as this in the community i am located. i may have to look for these people individually. i guess the best person i can talk to would be our physician and ask for referrals. are there online programs for this?