Do you have a friend like this?

@jerzgirl (8037)
Gloucester City, New Jersey
April 26, 2012 12:41pm CST
My good and dear friend has allowed me to keep and use his car for over a month now because we no longer have a car. I was working and needed to get to work and we rent from his parents, so he just left his car with me. I love the boy for his generosity. But, over the weekend, I had a toothache unlike any other toothache I've ever had. By Sunday, I couldn't stand it any more and, in his car, went to the ER. I took my daughter with me because I wasn't sure what, if any, meds they'd give me for pain. Well, they did give me a shot for the pain along with antibiotics since it turned out to be a serious abscess. I gave the keys to my daughter and she went to get the car. She drove up to the entrance, I got in, and she drove both of us home. I get a text from my friend later than said, "My car is at your house." OK - I would expect it to be since I'm using it, but he had driven over to see if I was home yet and saw the car. Somehow, though, he apparently assumed that my daughter had driven home while I was in the ER when actually she stayed with me there. The next day he came over to see how I was and asked, "Did Deb drive my car?" I know he only wants me to drive, but this was a medical situation, so I wasn't worried about it. I told him, "yes, she did. She drove us home from the ER." His next question completely floored me. I mean, I know he can be an airhead on occasion, but really??? After I JUST said she had driven US home from the ER, he asked, "Were you in the car while she was driving?" OMG! Really??? You asked THAT??? I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have him in my life, but he seriously drives me crazy when he does things like this. Would you believe he actually holds a Master's Degree?? God, I love him!! There's no one in the world like him!!
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@Dominique25 (9475)
• United States
26 Apr 12
Yeah that would be funny and annoying all at the same time. I'm glad though that he is helping you out. It is great having friends like that. I appreciate our friends who are willing to help us whenever we need it. Friends like this are truly amazing. I know that a good friend of ours. Let us use his car when we were having car problems. It was such a big help.
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
26 Apr 12
Okay, you made laugh (at least I can say I am not the only dumb in this world -just kidding) I don't have a friend who sounds like your friend. But I have friends who are generous and never let me down when I needed them. You are still lucky to have a friend who let you use his car without any rent. I do let my friends borrow my car- but they paid some rent- it is their choice, thu I said "no need" they insist the pay. Anyway, your friend is really one of a kind
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• India
27 Apr 12
Hello friend, No I don't make this type of friends. Because I don't like this. I make friends for friendship only not for other reasons. I think it is bad. Have a nice day.
@GardenGerty (103892)
• United States
26 Apr 12
There is smart, and then there is intelligent. They do not always go hand in hand. I am glad he is looking out for your, and we just have to absorb the annoyances with the good things.