Colts + Luck = ???

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April 26, 2012 9:34pm CST
What do you think, now that it's official? Where do you think Andrew Luck's career will go from here. Will he continue on the path of greatness or fall into obscurity? How do you think he will affect the Colts? I have no doubt that he's an amazing athlete, however it takes a completely different caliber of player to succeed in the NFL in my opinion. Does he have what it takes?
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13 May 12
I think he does. He is a great athlete and a great person. He is very smart and will have the best shot of duplicating a career similar to peyton manning. The only thing that would worry me about him is his team, owner, and coaches. His team is very weak right now. If he is good he will bring in many new great athletes around him. Don't know much about the coach but he doesn't come off to me as a smart enough coach to win a super bowl. Lastly his owner is a complete jerk. How do you release a player that built your team and franchise pretty much for you. So he doesn't seem to be a smart owner and not a great person to put a lot of trust in. Other than the people he has around him right now i think he has a great shot at becoming an elite qb.